Alpha Is Just Levered Beta (Offshore Mini-Book #5)

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This is the fifth mini-book of earth's leading financial(ish) comic strip “Offshore”.

Mini-books are hand-picked Offshore comic strips on a particular topic. This mini-book's topic is “my latest 40 strips”.

Available as interactive PDF.


Investing used to be all about analyzing companies and discounting their future cash flows back to the present with an appropriate rate of return. If the result divided by the number of shares outstanding was higher than the stock was priced on the exchange you bought it. Otherwise, you didn’t. Simple. It didn’t really matter that almost the entire process was based on wishful thinking and guessing. At least there was a process. Modern investing has no process. It’s all about cryptos, quant vol trading, and NFTs about rocks. I’m not complaining. This suits me well. The modern era offers way more humorous material than the old one. In this mini-book I’ll make fun of it all.

What’s included:

1) 40 Offshore comic strips

2) Foreword from a seasoned investment professional about quick-n-easy-money-schemes

3) Clear instructions how to generate fake alpha with leverage

Created by:

Stefan Gasic is a certified financial analyst with an MBA from a prestigious university and has over two decades of equity trading, portfolio management and private banking experience with leading banks in Switzerland and Scandinavia. But otherwise Stefan is a pretty decent guy ...and a RWRI alumnus.

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Alpha Is Just Levered Beta (Offshore Mini-Book #5)

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