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INVESTING WITH DUMMIES (Offshore Mini-Book #6)

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INVESTING WITH DUMMIES (Offshore Mini-Book #6)

1 rating

This is the sixth mini-book of earth's leading financial(ish) comic strip “Offshore”.

Mini-books are hand-picked Offshore comic strips on a particular topic. This mini-book's topic is “latest 40-ish strips”.

Available as interactive PDF.


Free money will generate a ton of hilarious investing behavior. Over the last decade we’ve witnessed how classic investment strategies, like buying something below its intrinsic value, have given way to HODLing, FOMO, and MEME-stock investing. That’s the sort of ingenious s**t that only FREE money can buy. To be honest, I blame the professional asset allocators more for the latest financial blow-up than the reckless risk takers. There will always be folks with their hands stretched out whenever free money is handed out. Trained investment professionals, on the other hand, should’ve known better. Investing is hard. I hope you enjoy my comics that cover this and other topics about investing.

 What’s included:

1) The newest 40-ish Offshore comic strips

2) Foreword from a seasoned investment professional about why the market has imploded ...somewhere

3) One SECRET comic strip created for Taleb that I haven't yet published anywhere else!


Created by:

Stefan Gasic is a certified financial analyst with an MBA from a prestigious university and has over two decades of equity trading, portfolio management and private banking experience with leading banks in Switzerland and Scandinavia. But otherwise Stefan is a pretty decent guy ...and a RWRI alumnus.

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