Yank Cable To Turn On (Offshore Mini-Book #4)

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This is the fourth mini-book of earth's leading financial(ish) comic strip “Offshore”.

Mini-books are hand-picked Offshore comic strips on a particular topic. This mini-book's topic is the "Roboadvisor".

Available as interactive PDF.


Everybody in banking is vigorously innovating for ways to cut costs and roboadvisors are the newest financial innovation. Legend has it that golden unicorns will fly from the sky and shower whomever is the biggest cost cutter with money while chanting their name for eternity. That's why whenever something can be replaced with nothing a banker will be all over it. And, oh boy, are bankers all over roboadvisors. RULE OF THUMB => never touch financial innovations …unless you’re a cartoonist and need fresh humorous material for Offshore comic strips.

What’s included:

1) 42 Offshore comic strips

2) Foreword from a seasoned investment professional about roboadvisors, algos 'n stuff

3) Two Roboadvisor Offshore comic strips retweeted by Naval (@naval)

Created by:

Stefan Gasic is a certified financial analyst with an MBA from a prestigious university and has over two decades of equity trading, portfolio management and private banking experience with leading banks in Switzerland and Scandinavia. But otherwise Stefan is a pretty decent guy ...and a RWRI alumnus.

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Yank Cable To Turn On (Offshore Mini-Book #4)

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