Hedge Funds go ..."BOOM!" (Offshore Mini-Book #1)

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This is the very first mini-book of earth's leading financial(ish) comic strip “Offshore”.

Mini-books are hand-picked Offshore comic strips on a particular topic. This mini-book's topic is "hedge funds".

Available as interactive PDF.


With humor and extreme simplification this mini-book will demystify the black box called “hedge fund”. Suitable for both the novice as well as the financially literate reader. Either way, never again will you see hedge funds as magical money fountains operated by infallible Midas-prodigies. With any luck, you’ll see them as a rich source of humorous material ...like I do.

What’s included:

  • Insightful foreword by a seasoned investment professional

  • 40 of the funniest Offshore hedge fund related comic strips
  • 40 examples of what NOT to do in investing
  • Among other things Taleb’s favorite Offshore comic strip [the IQ one]

Created by:

RWRI alumnus, Stefan Gasic, is a certified financial analyst with an MBA from a prestigious university and has over two decades of equity trading, portfolio management and private banking experience with leading banks in Switzerland and Scandinavia.

But otherwise Stefan is a pretty decent guy

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  • Size11.4 MB
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Hedge Funds go ..."BOOM!" (Offshore Mini-Book #1)

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