This Never Happened Before (Offshore Mini-Book #2)

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This is the second mini-book of earth's leading financial(ish) comic strip “Offshore”.

Mini-books are hand-picked Offshore comic strips on a particular topic. This mini-book's topic is "FORECASTING".

Available as interactive PDF.


Nobody can foresee future events with anything resembling accuracy. Period. Despite this fact there is unlimited demand for narratives about the future … in other words, forecasts. This is all wonderful news for a cartoonist because that means there is also unlimited supply of stuff to make fun off. 

What’s included:

1) 43 of the funniest Offshore forecasting related comic strips 

2) Super money-making tip in the foreword from a seasoned investment professional

3) Two of the six strips published in Taleb's newest "Fat Tail" -book (guess which two)

Created by:

RWRI alumnus, Stefan Gasic, is a certified financial analyst with an MBA from a prestigious university and has over two decades of equity trading, portfolio management and private banking experience with leading banks in Switzerland and Scandinavia. But otherwise Stefan is a pretty decent guy.

6 ratings
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This Never Happened Before (Offshore Mini-Book #2)

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